Why become a member?

GBC-Education members are ‘Next Generation Actionists’ who understand the power and potential of leveraging their knowledge, resources, and scale in coordination with peers, government, international organizations, and NGOs.

Through GBC-Education, members have unparalleled access to experts, influencers, and policymakers as they work together to increase the number of children in school around the globe and prepare the workforce of tomorrow.

GBC-Education’s assets include the voices, expertise, resources, and innovations of our leaders and members. In the first year of operation, 10 of the world’s most influential companies joined the Coalition, and since then, we have expanded significantly with a membership of over 150 leading businesses.

Together, we create, accelerate, and propagate new and innovative solutions with the business community at scale.

Become a Member

By joining us, companies become part of a global movement to accelerate education and economic opportunity around the world for the next generation.

GBC-Education Membership

Membership with the Global Business Coalition for Education is offered in three tiers with varying benefits and commitments:

Core Sponsor

Core Sponsors have the opportunity to co-create and shape the direction of education projects with GBC-Education. These companies receive prominent recognition in our materials and at our events in addition to all platinum member benefits.

Platinum Members

Platinum is the signature membership of GBC-Education. Platinum member companies are making or wish to make significant investments in education by using their core assets, thought leadership, corporate social responsibility, and/or strategic philanthropy. They have a demonstrated commitment to expanding opportunities for access to quality education worldwide. Platinum members receive personalized services from the GBC-Education expert team and have access to the latest information, guidance, and resources on effective investments in education.

Gold Members

Gold members are companies with an interest in investing in education, often via corporate social responsibility and/or strategic philanthropy. Through GBC-Education, they receive personalized guidance and resources on effective investments in education and have access to the latest information on the topic.

For more detailed membership benefits see the following document:

Membership Benefits