About Us

Our Mission

Tackling the global education crisis takes the collective power of business and other stakeholders – and know-how to bring these voices together for positive change. The Global Business Coalition for Education serves as the business community’s social impact advisor, combining the expertise of education and business to develop customized programs and identify investments, partnerships, and opportunities that will have the greatest impact.

GBC-Education members are ‘Next Generation Actionists’ who understand the power and potential of leveraging their knowledge, resources, and scale in coordination with peers, government, international organizations, and NGOs.

We believe transformative change requires more than individual efforts to address a problem – no matter how large or significant the effort.


Without action, by 2030 more than 800 million youth globally will not have the skills necessary for the future workforce.

Today’s Problem

Today, more than 263 million children and youth around the world are out of school and at least 330 million children are not learning basic skills. Of these, 61 million children remain out of primary school and 102 million teenagers are not attending secondary school, missing out on vital basic skills needed for future employment.

Our Core Functions

A business-led, action-oriented organization, GBC-Education focuses on four core functions:


While many companies already engage in education through philanthropic or social investment programs, these actions require coordination to have greater impact. GBC-Education’s forum increases companies’ effectiveness by creating “members-only” spaces for company leaders to connect and identify opportunities for innovation and collaboration. We work with our members to create economies of scale and identify how core business can be leveraged to generate greater impact.


GBC-Education creates avenues for cooperation with international agencies, governments, development banks, foundations, and civil society organizations. Through GBC-Education, members have unparalleled access to experts, influencers, and policymakers as they work together to increase the number of children in school and prepare the workforce of tomorrow.


We show that businesses can be active partners in educating the world’s children and youth. GBC-Education showcases its members’ work and their thought leadership to large international audiences to communicate the importance of getting involved in education and inspire others to act.

We identify, help document, and showcase exemplary education initiatives by companies that are using core assets and competencies, internal policies, social responsibility, and strategic philanthropy.


We facilitate research projects that help businesses discover the best opportunities for effective investments in education and establish best practices to guide corporate efforts that aim to produce real educational outcomes for children and youth.

To find out more about the Global Business Coalition for Education and what it offers, download this document:

GBC-Education Value Proposition


Become part of the movement to accelerate education and economic opportunity around the world for the next generation.