How we work

An active coalition for change

We work with a company’s internal social responsibility, development, ESG, and impact teams to develop strategies and programs to support education.


We act as an extension of a company’s internal team to provide:

1.​​ A network of corporate peers

Joining GBC-Education as a business partner is free of charge and without financial obligation. Membership enables companies to gain unparalleled access to the unique expertise, resources, events, and networks we provide.  With our support, members begin a journey of exploration to forge their own path and define their own contributions in shaping the agenda and solving the global education crisis.

2. World-class strategy tools and coaching from expert staff

Our coaching provides expert advice and exclusive briefing sessions for senior leaders and employees. Access premium guides, tools, data, and resources to make more strategic investments in education and to propel corporate ESG goals.

3. Strategic support to use education as a leverage point for impact across ESG priorities

Our experts add capacity and analyze your unique position and opportunities. We provide custom solutions, actionable plans, and measurable results to meet your company’s goals.

5. Project and campaign delivery

We implement signature projects with companies and co-create new initiatives to address the global education crisis.  Together with our corporate partners, we have:

  • launched a Skills Friendly Cities initiative in the United States, engaging more than 50 cities in a national challenge, and providing funding grants to skills programs across 12 cities;
  • implemented REACT (Rapid Education Action program) worldwide