SMEs: An Untapped Force for Global Education

Learn how and why small businesses around the world are supporting education.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play a crucial role in our economy, and many are using their expertise as a force for good. Through mentoring, tutoring, scholarships, afterschool programming, financial contributions and pro bono support, small businesses are making a big impact on education.

On February 24 – to coincide with the launch of our new report An Untapped Force for Global Education: An exploration of small and medium enterprises – we hosted a virtual event to highlight how and why SMEs are supporting education.


Belinda Borck

Belinda Borck

Impact Editor
The Chocolonely Foundation

Terrence Southern

Founder & CEO, President

Olasupo Abideen

Olasupo Abideen

Co-Founder & CEO


edith asiby

Edith Asibey

Lead Researcher
Asibey Consulting