Global Business Coalition for Education

GBC-Education Middle East

In response to the refugee crisis which has so far affected more than 7.5 million Syrian children, GBC-Education expanded its operations in the Middle East with the hope of responding with urgent education solutions. This new private sector hub is intended to support education in the region by connecting business with international institutions and non-governmental organizations to maximize impact.

Safe Schools Initiative

In collaboration with partner organization Theirworld and the A World at School campaign, GBC-Education leads the business response to ensure that all children affected by crisis and emergency realize their right to education through Safe Schools Initiatives that address barriers to education in this context. Safe Schools Initiatives have been launched in Nigeria, the Ebola-affected countries, Pakistan, and Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan in response to conflict in Syria. GBC-Education also partners with UNICEF on the related Strong Schools and Communities Initiative in Latin America and the Caribbean.

#Tech4Ed: Global Education Platform

The need for skilled individuals is growing rapidly while the young and marginalized lack access to the education that would allow them to meet this need. By accelerating technologies that allow marginalized youth populations to access, search, and create locally relevant content, there is an opportunity to rapidly advance gains in literacy, pathways to employment, and 21st Century skills development. GBC-Education offers a forum – #Tech4Ed – for businesses to convene discussions on the role of technology in education. This forum launched with a gathering of tech CEOs and education advocates at Twitter headquarters, beginning with a Twitter Town Hall using the hashtag #Tech4Ed. The current Global Education Platform initiative works with companies, governments, and NGO’s that are employing innovative models of educational delivery.

Research and Policy

Companies can use GBC-Education as a platform and forum to convey private sector perspectives on cutting-edge issues in the education sector. Companies can work together to create policy briefs on select topics with big impact. For example, companies shared how they measure impact to inform a report by PwC, GBC-Education and A World at School on how companies investing in education can plan for impact on business and society.

Campaigns for Education

By using their collective voice, companies can work together with civil society, youth and the faith community to elevate education as a political priority. Through our array of partners, GBC-Education tailors opportunities for companies to use their social media and brand power as part of the larger global movement for education. Past opportunities include the #UpForSchool petition which secured more than 10 million signatures before being presented to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as well as the ‘Hope for Syrian Children’ petition which was presented to world leaders at the Supporting Syria and the Region conference.




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