Humanitarian relief

Why this matters

Education is one of the first things lost and last things restored during a crisis. When a disaster strikes, children lose out on years of schooling and remain vulnerable to trafficking, child labor, and forced marriage, among other dangers. 

Many companies want to make a tangible impact during a crisis but struggle with ensuring their efforts effectively support children and communities in need. Business disaster relief funding, moreover, too often overlooks the psychosocial and education needs of children. Yet, these are the most critical aspects for rebuilding a community.

For a young person or family in crisis, education provides a safe space, a sense of normalcy, and growing hope. For a community or country in crisis, education serves as the bedrock to rebuild even stronger economically and socially. That’s why we work with the business community to improve disaster relief funding for education in emergencies.

We help companies make an immediate contribution and a tangible impact on communities in need.

What we are doing

GBC-Education works to help prevent millions of children from becoming part of a growing “lost generation” and instead become a generation of problem solvers.

Our Disaster Relief and Education Response Fund provides businesses on-the-ground information and partnerships to raise and distribute funds within 30 days of an emergency.

When you engage with the Disaster Relief and Education Response Fund, we:

  • Work with your company to pre-establish priorities for desired action and outcome before an emergency strikes
  • Set up working agreements so that if and when a disaster takes place, GBC-Education is able to take a tax-deductible grant to support emergency relief for education
  • Provide a bespoke on-the-ground situation brief within 48 hours
  • Provide a recommended social media package within 48 hours
  • Conduct due-diligence and identify effective partners to receive the funding within 30 days
  • Report back on the impact of the funding for your company’s internal and external communications.

Additionally, you can maximize your resources and mobilize your employees through our Matching Gift Program option.

Education in emergencies

GBC-Education provides on-the-ground support for vulnerable communities recovering from crises.

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