Changing the landscape
of business in education

We are here to create trust and confidence in a more equitable society. Education can be the great equalizer. This is why businesses should do more to help support the next generation.

Kwasi Mitchell, Chief Purpose Officer, Deloitte

Ten years ago, there was no forum for businesses to come together, share best practices, and accelerate their investments in global education. A study from Brookings showed that short-term investments, totaling hundreds of millions of dollars, were not having the impact in reaching students that they needed to have in order to address the global education crisis. GBC-Education was founded by Theirworld in 2012 to close this gap and enable the business community to have a transformative effect on education.

Since our inception, we have been changing the landscape of business investment in education. We have created a movement of businesses dedicated to using their unified voice, expertise, and innovation to deliver transformative results. So far, over 150 companies have joined us in tackling some of education’s toughest challenges from disaster response, to diversity, equity, and inclusion to closing the skills gap.

As global challenges have evolved, so have we. Our newest initiative with BHP Foundation, Business Investment for Education Impact (BIEI), is at the forefront of the most pressing issues affecting students and their communities including responding to the COVID-19 crisis and closing the digital divide. We have also adapted to the interests and practices of the business community as it has shifted from an emphasis on philanthropy and CSR to social impact and ESG.


Every $1 invested in an extra year of school has a 10X return in health benefits

Investment in education unlocks the broader SDG agenda.

ESG impact

Sustainable investments in education can positively drive ESG metrics. A robust education system supports economic growth, climate action, diversity and inclusion, and public health benefits. Investing in education can also help close the purpose gap between upper management and the frontline of the workforce, increasing employee engagement and fulfillment at work.

Photo of student Marcharyta Boichuk using her new laptop.

Join us

The business community has a vital interest and critical role to play in ensuring that all communities have an education system that delivers for their children. If we are to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) — inclusive and quality education for all — the business community needs to ensure that its investments and partnerships deliver on their full potential. Together with GBC-Education, they will.

Our initiatives leverage the assets of the business community to deliver scalable, efficient, and long-term solutions. Our tools connect businesses not only with our expert team and with each other, but also with governments and communities in need, UNICEF and UNESCO, and other stakeholders working to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our community is based in information-sharing, collaboration, and innovation in delivering impact.

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