Needed: devices & internet for refugees with autism in Jordan & Turkey

The impact of Covid-19 on young people’s education has been severe. Around the world, children from underprivileged families or with developmental disabilities have been particularly affected by school closures.

GBC-Education’s partner organization A Global Voice for Autism works to make education more inclusive for Syrian refugee children with learning disabilities. Using culturally sensitive, evidence-based materials designed for limited resource communities, the organization disseminates techniques, networks and information which benefit autistic children and their communities.

In response to the difficulty that refugee children faced with school closures in Jordan and Turkey, the organization worked with trained refugee teachers to build a mobile application to produce and share curriculum for learners with autism and developmental disabilities.

While 98% of families that A Global Voice for Autism supports have a smartphone, computer or tablet, many of them share a single device with the entire family. This often means that the main person taking care of the child’s education does not readily have access to a device with an internet connection. Therefore, their child cannot continue learning.

A Global Voice for Autism is now looking for businesses which can provide devices and/or internet connectivity so primary caregivers can access the mobile teaching application and help their children continue learning while at home.

Can your company or a business that you know help?

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