International Women’s Day: How Can Business Show Their Support?

Photo By A World at School. 

Every year International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political progress for women, but progress has stalled: If we continue at today’s rate, 117 years will pass before we achieve global gender parity according to the World Economic Forum. This year, women AND men are being called on to #PledgeForParity and accelerate gender parity within their own spheres of influence.

GBC-Education’s members empower, mentor, and protect millions of girls across the world focusing specifically on increasing their access to education and future employability. By helping girls to overcome barriers such as early forced marriage, child labor, conflicts and emergencies, and lack of basic resources, the Coalition’s Girls Education Task Force champions learning-based opportunities that can be scaled up for the world’s 63 million out-of-school girls across the globe.

This year, GBC-Education will support British charity Theirworld’s #RewritingTheCode campaign to highlight the embedded value of empowering girls throughout all stages of their life, particularly through education. We know that by leveraging core assets, in-country networks, and existing programs, businesses can ensure that girls are completing school, developing relevant skills, and finding jobs to reach their full potential. To join in, post a picture or simply share how your company is #RewritingTheCode to get girls in school so that we can have a future where more women are in the boardroom!

In addition to continuing the dialogue on #RewritingTheCode, GBC-Education is also supporting the launch of Theirworld Code Clubs in Kibera and Nairobi. The clubs are being piloted in partnership with GBC-Education member Kano and #smartinvestment Network members Codecademy and Africa Gathering.

Stay tuned for more International Women’s Day updates as GBC-Education members continue to support girls’ education around the globe.

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