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Theresia, 16, and Salma, 17, read the My Better World textbook in class at a Camfed partner secondary school in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. Camfed, Photographer:  Daniel Hayduk

Pearson Extends Partnership with Camfed to Improve Girls’ Education in Africa

The Camfed ‘Learner Guide’ programme, developed in partnership with Pearson, is being extended in Tanzania to support an extra 6,400 children in 80 schools. Through the programme, trained young women graduates return to their local schools to deliver vital life skills lessons to marginalised children. To complement this, Pearson is now awarding BTEC qualifications for Camfed’s Learner Guide alumnae. Pearson is also launching an employee fundraising campaign, which it will match, to help send girls to secondary school.

Education, Diversity, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution Panel at WEF 2017 with Jamie Miller, President & CEO, GE Transport; SVP, GE.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution & The Next Generation

Over the past two decades, Intel has invested deeply in education to increase academic achievement in science, technology, engineering, and math. Rosalind Hudnell previously served as Intel’s Chief Diversity Officer focused on driving more inclusion into the company and industry. Intel’s progress, while not complete, has made a difference. However, as we now look forward, we must face the reality that nearly 300 million youth are not in school, not employed, and continue to lack the fundamental skills to gain meaningful employment in the future.


Human Rights Day: How one company is improving access to education for vulnerable children

As a family company, NRS International feels a personal commitment to education. Since the onset of the school year, beginning in August 2016, NRS has funded over $40,000 to education and youth programs in Pakistan. Additionally, we have acquired a new public school that we plan to renovate for expanded student enrollment. Our projects include scholarships, sports, Model United Nations, and community engagement. But these projects are only one way, one company is working to give children access to education, opportunities to play, and space to develop.


Celebrating Universal Children’s Day: Engaging Business in Early Childhood Development

November 20th marked Universal Children’s Day and many GBC-Education members joined celebrities, politicians, and world leaders to help generate awareness for and investment in early childhood development by posting photographs of themselves between the ages 0 and 5 and signing the petition in support of Theirworld’s new #5for5 campaign. The #5for5 campaign focuses on raising global awareness of early childhood development and pressuring world leaders to take urgent action to ensure that all children have access to the full range of nurturing care – including nutrition, health, learning, play, and protection.


ITWORX Education Honored with Awards for Education Innovation

Congratulations to Coalition member ITWORX Education for receiving two awards at the ACN Arab Technology Awards 2016 on October 17th! The two honors, ‘Education Implementation of the Year Award’ and ‘Harnessing Innovation Award,’ were awarded to ITWORX Education for its successful blended learning program run at a Syrian refugee camp in Chtoura, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. The end-to-end program tapped into the functionalities of the company’s latest product, WinjiGo, an e-learning platform that is designed for use in blended learning environments.


Welcome to GBC-Education’s Newest Member, SABIS!

Excerpt: GBC-Education is excited to announce the latest member of our Coalition, SABIS, a global school management company operating in 20 countries serving more than 70,000 students. Beyond its long-held success in educational operations, SABIS has also leveraged its expertise to serve the local communities in which it operates. In 2012, SABIS established a school in El-Metn, Lebanon for low-income families. The Leila C. Saad SABIS School El Metn provides quality education to more than 270 students, many of whom are refugees from Syria. GBC-Education is thrilled to deepen its reach in the Middle East, and to partner with a company committed to making a #smartinvestment in students.

Saffa Girls School January 21, 2015

Investments in Adolescent Girls Are Crucial, Businesses Have a Role in Fostering Their Growth

The UN Population Fund’s (UNFPA) report, State of World Population 2016, provides in-depth look at the support 10-year-old girls require from their communities, countries, and world to thrive in the 21st century. Without this support, the Sustainable Development Goals cannot be achieved by 2030. Girls are less likely to enter school than boys, especially at the secondary level, have a one-in-three chance of marrying before the age of 18 if they live in the developing world, and are more likely to be engaged in child labour. Though daunting, these barriers have spurred business into action, evidenced by GBC-Education members’ work with girls’ education, giving girls everywhere a chance to receive a quality education and achieve their dreams.

Girls learn new technology skills at the Code Clubs in Lagos, Nigeria.

Oando Foundation and Theirworld Equipping Girls with ICT Skills for a Brighter Future

Ahead of Africa Code Week 2016, Oando Foundation is stretching its commitment to information communication technology education through a strategic partnership with Theirworld. Designed to empower girls in Oando adopted schools with technology skills through creativity and learning, the innovative coding clubs will provide technology enabled interactive spaces that encourage academic interest and train girls in STEM.

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