World Youth Skills Day: Focusing on the Workforce of the Future

World Youth Skills Day shines a light on the skills young people need to find jobs. Photo © Intel

Last week, the G20 met in Hamburg, Germany. World leaders not only made a landmark decision to take forward a new plan for an International Finance Facility for Education, but they also reaffirmed the need to better prepare young people with the skills needed for the workforce of tomorrow.

According to the Education Commission, half of the world’s jobs – around 2 billion – are expected to disappear by 2030. In some countries, up to 80 percent of the jobs we are training young people for today could be lost by the time they enter the workforce.

Give the nature of this growing skills gap, the business community will need to take critical steps to prepare future generations for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including empowering young people to generate new business models for skill development.

For more on World Youth Skills Day and the G20 outcome, read this article from Theirworld featuring GBC-Education Advisory Board member, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Intel, and President of the Intel Foundation Rosalind Hudnell and GBC-Education’s Executive Chair, Sarah Brown: