GBC-Education Welcomes Latest Member: Kano!

Photo by Kano.


The Global Business Coalition for Education (GBC-Education) is excited to announce our newest Silver Member, Kano! Based in London, Kano is a technology company that makes computer and coding kits designed for kids of all ages, all over the world. The idea for Kano came from a challenge by a 6-year-old, who wanted to build a computer that could be “simple and fun to make like LEGO” so that no one had to teach him. Today, Kano is empowering young creators around the world through its playful and fun computer and coding kits, while remaining affordable, simple and accessible. It is currently being integrated into school curriculums in places like the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Kano is part of a movement that encourages simple, affordable, open source tools for people to make technology, not just consume it, and they’re excited to expand their work through GBC-Education to give learners the power to make and play with technology. Through GBC-Education, Kano will be the leading private sector partner in a pilot project with Theirworld and Africa Gathering, which will create tech clubs and safe spaces for girls in key locations in Africa where girls can learn to build computers, code and access basic learning content on line. Through the pilot we hope to demonstrate how enabling access to technology, creativity, as well as a safe space, can significantly expand learning opportunities for the most vulnerable girls and empower them to realize their potential.

This is the first of many planned initiatives and programs in the works through this new collaboration. In August 2015, Kano launched its first computer and coding workshop in Sierra Leone for primary school-aged children using its Computer Kits, with plans to create additional workshops throughout the country. In Kenya, the response to Kano has been so significant that Computer Kits are being integrated into afterschool STEM clubs offered through DAA STEM Academy for youth attending prep school, ages 6 -13 and the senior school, ages 14 – 16.

“Computing is becoming more affordable, open, and global at a higher rate than ever before — half a billion people will come online in Africa alone in the next decade,” says Kano President and Co-Founder Yonatan Raz-Fridman. “Together with the Global Business Coalition for Education, we will continue to expand global reach and create impactful initiatives that will empower young people to be the inventors of their own future.”


Photo by Kano.