14 Tweets from Oslo: Voices of Business from the Summit

Photo Courtesy of A World at School.
As the Oslo Summit on Education for Development brought together leaders from government, civil society, and business, many key decisions were made that will influence the lives of children this fall especially those in conflict-affected areas.

Voices from the private sector —  including members of GBC-Education — were heard as they advocated for investments in five key areas: (1) education in emergencies, (2) early childhood development; (3) technology; (4) learning outcomes; and (5) partnerships for education.  Check them out below (as well as the 21 top tweets from the Summit)!

  • Education in emergencies

  • Early childhood development


    1.  Technology


    1.   Improving learning outcomes


    1. Partnerships for education


Miss Oslo?

The summit was recorded and is available for viewing: