Tragedy in Peshawar

In the wake of the horrific attack on innocent schoolchildren in Pakistan, the Global Business Coalition for Education stands in solidarity with the students, teachers, school personnel and staff, family members and community of Peshawar.

Education is a fundamental human right. No child should see their school as a place of violence and fear. No teacher should have to risk their lives to educate children. And no family should worry that their child will not return from school. Yet in Pakistan and around the world attacks on school children and school personnel are on the rise. Schools are targets when they should be safe havens for building bright futures.

The Global Business Coalition for Education remains committed to defending the right to education for all boys and girls. All members of civil society, including the business community, share responsibility in protecting and supporting education.

GBC-Education will continue to accelerate our work to promote and support Safe Schools around the world including in some of the most difficult contexts and to fight for the international Guidelines for Protecting Schools and Universities from Military Use during Armed Conflict.

Through our ongoing efforts, we hope to continue our contribution to enabling all children everywhere to access their full potential through education in a safe learning environment.

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Photo © Wisal Clicks