The faster 260 million children find their way into education, the better the world will become

Astley Clarke, one of the UK’s leading fine jewelry brands has partnered with Theirworld and GBC-Education since 2016. Here, CEO Scott Thomson talks about why education is so important for the company and what this partnership means.

Why does a leading fine jewelry brand support education?  

Education is the most important cause there is. Education solves conflict, poverty, famine, skills shortages to name a few and is a huge contributor to equality. The faster 260 million children find their way into education, the better the world will become. Astley Clarke is a collective of passionate, like-minded people, from product design, finance, web development to commercial leadership and more. Everyone in the company, especially those who have kids, knows the importance for children in developing countries to have access to the education they themselves benefited from. It’s particularly important for girls as they are the ones most denied access to education and as a mostly digital company an early initiative from Theirworld, “Coding for Girls,” particularly grabbed our attention.

Our customers appreciate being able to give something back to build the lives of those from more difficult backgrounds.

Scott Thomson, CEO Astley Clarke

How is Astley Clarke supporting education? 

Astley Clarke has partnered with Theirworld since 2016 and I now attend the Advisory Board meetings. We have supported Theirworld in many different ways; from collecting donations at events to designing Theirworld bracelets to both raise awareness and funds for education. Our latest partnership is through a capsule jewellery collection comprising earrings, bracelet and pendant to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. 

What does the partnership with Theirworld mean to you?   

Astley Clarke is more than jewelry. As a responsible business we have a duty to do the right thing. Bringing awareness to and supporting causes that shape the future positively is inherent to our DNA. It’s a partnership that invests in our future. Theirworld can pilot schemes and take bold, quick decisions that the larger NGOs cannot. Once the pilots are developed and worked out, the successful schemes can then be adopted by the larger charities and scaled quickly. Without the initiative of smaller groups, it would take longer to get important lessons learned. 

What would you say to other companies interested in supporting education? 

Get involved. Give what time or support you can to raise awareness and funds for a brilliant cause. Let’s invest in our future and provide children with invaluable education to improve their life chances and ultimately ours.

Astley Clarke x Theirworld collection  

The Astley Clarke x Theirworld collection is available to purchase now. If you use code THEIRWORLD30 before the end of June, you will receive a 30% discount on the collection and a further 20% will be donated to Theirworld.

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