On World Humanitarian Day, Refugees and Arabic Language Learners Connect Online

Arabic language learners and Syrian refugees connect over Skype
Saturday marks World Humanitarian Day, a global holiday that pays tribute to aid workers who risk their lives in crisis situations and people affected by conflict, natural disaster, and other emergencies.
The Global Business Coalition for Education (GBC-Education) has brought together business, civil society, and international organizations to deliver education in emergencies through its REACT platform.
NaTakallam – a REACT company – gives Syrian refugees the opportunity to connect with Arabic language learners around the world through Skype. Having had their lives disrupted by conflict, these Syrian teachers can utilize their native language skills to earn an income and create professional networks to further their careers.
WATCH the video below to learn about Rasha, a 26 year old refugee from Homs, Syria who is working with NaTakallam in her host country, Lebanon.