Important Message to G7 Leaders: Invest in Youth Skills and Education

Leaders from the G7 countries are meeting in Canada today to work on solving the world’s most salient and critical issues – ranging from conflict to poverty. One of the major themes of the summit is “Preparing for the jobs of the future”. The most developed and wealthiest countries have a responsibility in ensuring that today’s youth are prepared for a more complex, collaborative, and connected workforce.

By 2030, more than 800 million children – about half the world’s youth population – will not have the skills necessary for operating in the workplace. An underemployed or unemployed population isn’t just a threat to affected communities, but it also serves a roadblock to global development and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The Global Business Coalition for Education is working with the business community through its Youth Skills and Innovation Initiative to change the way the private sector, governments, and civil society address the skills gap.

Before the summit, we interviewed Jamira Burley – Head of Youth Engagement and Skills at GBC-Education – about how G7 countries can make a greater impact on youth skills and preparing young people for the jobs of the future.

WATCH the interview below:

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