Global Partnership for Education: GBC-Education Pledge

Photo: David Boutcher announcing technology commitment to GPE at Financing Conference. Photo © Catalina Caro/GBC-Education

The Global Business Coalition for Education is committed to finding new, innovative ways to scale up the delivery of education for the most marginalized children by bringing the support and know-how of the business community. From learning materials and data collection systems to back-end management, supply chain monitoring, and broadband access, technology can be an instrumental tool for countries to improve education systems. While technology is not a solution in and of itself to the education crises we face, with the proper partnerships, the costs can be affordable to schools, districts, and national systems wanting to make more rapid progress.

Inspired by the work of the health sector to reform procurement processes and collectively reduce the costs of life-saving immunizations, diagnostic technologies, and anti-retroviral medication, the Global Business Coalition for Education is committed to using its network of more than 140 companies to negotiate similar agreements between technology companies and public education systems in GPE partner countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Replenishment Pledge:

The Global Business Coalition for Education pledges to work over the next three years of the Global Partnership for Education Replenishment 2020 cycle to negotiate pro-bono, at-cost or below market cost technology solutions for school systems in low and lower-middle income countries, leading to a full menu of reduced-cost technology options for GPE partners worldwide. This pledge makes it possible to improve education systems and to expand access to learning opportunities at a fraction of the cost for millions of children.

Today we start with initial pledges from four companies valued at upwards of $15 million over three years, making it possible for GPE partner countries to:

  • Get All Schools Online in Africa: Using new satellite technology, we can help deliver on the Education Commission’s recommendation at a fraction of the price. We have negotiated a 50% discount with Avanti for broadband connectivity to remote and marginalized schools in Africa. For approximately $10 per school per day, we can provide 1,000 rural schools and surrounding communities with broadband access.
  • Improve Supply Chain Tracking: To ensure efficient delivery of learning materials and prevent theft on their journey to the most marginalized locations, we have negotiated a 40% discount with 2-Track Solutions, which will provide GPS tracking units to track the location, transit history, and motion of shipment of materials for schools. Running on battery power with a lifespan of over a year, it will be possible track the secure delivery of learning materials, school equipment and other goods to schools across the globe.
  • Ensure Safe School Journeys: For about ten cents per day per student, we can use technology to ensure safe school journeys. SafeBus Inc. has committed to using their technology at a fraction of the cost in GPE countries, allowing school districts and parents can track the safe journeys to school.
  • Track Data to Improve Education Systems: In joining GPE’s Data Education Solutions Roundtable, HP continues to drive progress on enabling better learning outcomes for 100 million people by 2025, as part of its ongoing pledge to provide training, R&D, and funding contributions to improve access to quality education and lifelong learning for all in the classroom and beyond.

These initial commitments pledged by Avanti, 2-Track Solutions and SafeBus Inc. are valued at more than $15 million through 2020 and will help education systems better use existing funding and make it possible to reach millions of young people with improved quality education.

To learn more about how your business can support the Global Partnership for Education, check out the following blog post. In addition, you may email Catalina at [email protected] for more information. 

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