GBC-Education Welcomes Newest Member, ITWORX Education!

Photos by ITWORX Education.

GBC-Education is delighted to welcome our newest member, ITWORX Education! The Dubai-based company is a leading innovator in the education technology space with a focus on designing education solutions to improve learning for primary and secondary school-aged children across the globe. Through collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders from school management to the students themselves, ITWORX Education boasts an expansive userbase of 4.5 million and has already delivered customized software to more than 1,500 schools across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The company, focused primarily on delivering learning solutions to children in fragile states such as Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and other war zones, has already piloted a program to address the refugee crisis in Lebanon successfully. Now, ITWORX Education is looking to expand their reach through GBC-Education to provide innovative e-learning solutions to help Syrian refugee children in Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan overcome barriers to learning through their platform, WinjiGo.


“It is a rather alarming reality that the world is facing today and, the onus that institutions and initiatives like ours hold in actively and proactively tackling challenges for sustainable human, societal, cultural, and economic development is one of paramount impact and magnitude. More than 50 percent of the 4 million Syrian refugees today are children who’ve lost everything. Inversely, these children have everything to gain. Indiscriminately of borders and access, education is both their springboard and arsenal for a bright future away from their current struggle and distressing conditions,” says Mr. Hatem Sallam, CEO of ITWORX Education.

ITWORX Education is a Microsoft Strategic Education Partner and is currently transforming education in Egypt via a partnership with GBC-Education member HP. The company has won several awards for its endeavors which include delivering strategic projects for governments in Dubai and Qatar.

Most recently, ITWORX Education joined other major companies including member NRS International in a campaign to get 1 million Syrian refugee children into school. It is collaborating with Dubai Cares to create possible solutions to the Syrian refugee education crisis.