GBC-Education Welcomes Newest Member, Global Learning!

Photo by Global Learning.


GBC-Education is thrilled to announce the addition of our newest member, Global Learning! The Dubai-based company works independently and with partners to pioneer learning as an innovative education consultancy and content development specialist across the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia. Throughout the past 15 years, Global Learning has designed, implemented, and managed dozens of innovative projects including creating the first accredited virtual university, blended learning academy, and social online learning platform, as well as virtual smart schools.

Through their e-learning consultancy expertise, the company specializes in content development to extend learning to marginalized populations via a financially sustainable model. Right now, the company is bridging the education gap in the Middle East and Africa for primary and secondary school aged-children by delivering education through Social Learning, a cloud-based mobile-phone operation which will reduce expenses associated with formal tutoring. Content is provided in English and they are working to provide translations in Arabic as well as local languages where they work. They are also working with the Egyptian and United Arab Emirates governments to develop a comprehensive digital curriculum that allows students to educate themselves with support from others, outside of formal educational institutions via Smart Schools in the Middle East.

Most recently, Global Learning is partnering with GBC-Education member ITWORX Education to provide technological solutions for Syrian refugee children who cannot be immediately accommodated in formal schools; they are working with various Ministries of Education in host countries to allow students to gain school certification.

“Educational Technology is no more a luxury addition to advanced schools in developed and rich countries” stated Dr. Milad Sebaaly, Managing Director of Global Learning. “It is an innovative tool to make high-quality learning experience available for every student at nominal cost, including out-of-school children, refugees, and marginalized communities. It also helps re-engineering the conventional learning and delivery methods, to enhance individualized and smart learning practices.” Sebaaly added: “We are very excited to be a part of GBC-Education and advance our contribution to global efforts in education for all.”