Education in Emergencies: Empowering Girls and Women Caught in Conflict

Photo courtesy of Kirsten/flickr.

When conflict hits a community, girls and young women are the most exposed to sexual exploitation, violence, and forced marriage. A few statistics stand out:

Underlying the statistics above is the simple truth: girls lose out on education during conflict. That’s why for International Women’s Day, the Global Business Coalition for Education spoke with Yasmine Sherif – Director of Education Cannot Wait – on what barriers girls and young women face during conflict and how business can utilize its talents and resources to help the most vulnerable succeed.

In the video below, Yasmine Sherif also spoke about why the business community is vital in delivering change to young women throughout the world. “I firmly believe that those who are in the private sector are driven by service,” Sherif said. “I think it gives them opportunity to use their resources, wealth, means, success stories to go out to inspire and support emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.”


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