Business Backs #5for5 Campaign and Investment in Early Childhood Development in Advance of G20

                Matt Lucas, star of Little Britain, is featured in Theirworld’s first comedian video focused on #5for5.                 Photo © Theirworld

This week, the Global Business Coalition for Education is rallying around early childhood development and education financing. Our partner organization, Theirworld, has launched a series of new campaign films – under the banner of its #5for5 campaign – starring well-known comedians. These comedians include Matt Lucas, star of Little Britain, Rainn Wilson – better known as Dwight Schrute from the American version of The Office – and comedic actress, Jackie Tohn, currently in Netflix hit G.L.O.W.

WATCH one of the videos here:

In addition, a report titled ‘Bright and Early: How financing pre-primary education gives every child a fair start in life’ was released detailing how international, regional, and local organizations are not investing enough in the early years within low-income communities around the world.

With 85% of children in low-income countries not receiving access to pre-primary education – and 82% in high-income countries receiving pre-primary education – donors, governments, and the business community have a responsibility to help those most in need.

Early childhood is an important time for a child’s development. During the first 1000 days of a child’s life, the brain develops 700 neurons per second. By receiving quality education and development during the initial five years of one’s life, children will find themselves better suited for school and eventually, the workforce.

For every dollar invested in early childhood education, there can be up to a $17 return on investment. Yet, low-income countries “spend only $7.99 a year on pre-primary education. That amounts to an average of only 2.9% of total education spending for low-income countries, against a recommended 10% of the total education budget”.[1] By not investing in education, governments and other organizations are not investing in the future.

These issues are especially salient as the G20 approaches. At the G20, world leaders will meet to discuss important issues ranging from poverty to war to climate change. With international development assistance for education at dismally low levels, aid needs to be increased for developing skills and improving growth.

The Global Business Coalition for Education supports the establishment of an International Finance Facility for Education (IFFEd) to increase education spending and improve investment in early childhood education and development. The concept for IFFEd comes out out of the “Learning Generation” report produced by the International Commission for Financing Global Education Opportunity.

To help bring attention to the issue of early childhood development and education financing, please share the comedian videos on social media and encourage people to watch and share.

To learn more about #5for5, or to find out how your business can become more involved in the campaign, please contact Julia Kilgore at j[email protected].