Better learning outcomes with HP

For the past decade, HP has been a key partner of the Global Business Coalition for Education.

We both believe that education is a fundamental human right and is essential to sustainable development. Since 2015 our teams have worked to support HP’s ambition to deliver better learning outcomes for 100 million people by 2025. Together we have built programs that provide digital equity for the most marginalized students by improving access to quality education to youth impacted by conflicts or school closures.  


HP donates laptops to enhance learning for Syrian refugees

in Lebanon, HP and GBC-Education assisted with double shift school programs providing laptops to enhance refugee education. In Turkey, HP provided technology and HP LIFE training resources for the International Medical Corps Livelihoods Center pilot in Istanbul. 


Increasing support to education for Syrian refugees

In 2016, at the height of the Syrian crisis, when a generation of children was at risk of losing access to education, HP announced a commitment to open HP Learning Studios in the Middle East. Working with the Global Business Coalition for Education and other partners, HP established centers equipped with computer systems and teacher training services to give refugee students access to the latest education technology.


Supporting schools hosting refugees in Uganda

In Uganda, in 2019 GBC-Education helped broker a partnership between HPEducation Cannot Wait (ECW)Learning EqualityUNHCR, and UNICEF to donate technology and resources for utilizing Learning Equality’s Kolibri offline platform for schools delivering education to refugees coming from South Sudan.  


Maintaining learning during COVID-19 school closures in the US

In early 2020, the majority of states mandated school closures to limit the spread of the virus. Access remained a barrier for some of the most marginalized learners. GBC-Education and HP stepped in and organized a partnership with US-based organization Comp-U-Dopt to receive 7,600 new monitors and assemble units for students in low-income families in Chicago, Dallas, and Houston.


HP Meets First Lady of Ukraine with $30 Million Donation

In July 2022, First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, and Ukraine Ambassador to the US, Oksana Markarova met with GBC-Education’s Executive Director, Justin van Fleet, and representatives from HP in Washington D.C. HP committed up to $30 million in hardware  to support the continued education of Ukraine’s students.

First Lady of Ukraine Accepts Computer Donation from HP Inc. for Ukrainian Children

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