Education Financing Initiative

Across the world, the public and private sectors invest several trillion dollars in education each year. Yet up to half of these resources in many countries do not have an impact on learning and skills development and often do not reach the most disadvantaged populations.

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goal of equitable and inclusive quality education for all requires greater – and more effective – investment. Companies often struggle to see how their investments – financial, programmatic, and in-kind – make an impact to improve the lives of young people in the countries and regions of the world where they have the greatest interest.

The Global Business Coalition for Education (GBC-Education) serves as a hub for education financing and partnership, helping companies identify how best to transform their investments of skills, talent, and resources to make sustained and coordinated impact.

By working with our 150 member companies and entrepreneurial start-ups; foundations; civil society partners; UN agencies and international financial institutions; government partners; network of 50 youth organizations and 1,000 Global Youth Ambassadors; and major international global funds for education, we plug the business community into a network for action with clear entry points.

Taking Action

For businesses that are interested in making education part of their core business, corporate social responsibility practices, or philanthropy, GBC-Education serves as an avenue to channel talents, assets, and resources to ensure that all children and youth throughout the world receive a quality education and the promise of a better future.
Our priorities include:

Providing businesses a seat at the education decision-making table

We manage relations for the business sector with major global education funds, helping to take business engagement to scale. We work with:

• The Global Partnership for Education, focused on education in the poorest countries

• Education Cannot Wait Fund, focused on education for youth impacted by emergencies and crisis

• International Finance Facility for Education, a new financial mechanism currently under development to leverage new investment for results in education systems throughout the world.

Supporting innovative finance

GBC-Education serves as a networking hub for innovative finance and other emerging areas of investment.

Fostering direct partnerships

GBC-Education’s REACT Initiative is expanding to include both emergencies and development opportunities – linking businesses to vetted organizations that are working in countries and regions of interest to address barriers to quality education and learning.

Harnessing data and evidence

Our evidence-based approach provides additional insights to inform and drive public-private partnerships in education. We provide data and projections on the costs associated with various interventions to develop the talents and skills in countries and regions of the world.

Producing a flagship report for the business sector to leverage a greater impact in education

There is a disconnect between the assets businesses can bring to education and how governments and organizations are prepared to work with the business community. Our flagship report will uncover the options and relative impact of various pathways for engagement and investment.

Ongoing learning and engagement opportunities for members

GBC-Education provides businesses with tailored advice on the development of programs; webinars to stay on top of GBC-Education initiatives; and access to new research data, monthly newsletters, Q&As, and best practices.

For more information on GBC-Education’s work in education financing, email or download this booklet:

Education Financing

Education Bonds Memo

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