The Global Funds Initiative

Creating an ecosystem of collaboration and action to help businesses support quality education for all

GBC-Education’s Global Funds Initiative (GFI) aims to create an ecosystem of cross-sectoral collaboration and action to drive business investment in global education. We facilitate strategic partnerships at global and country levels to bridge the divide that currently exists between the business and education sectors and to advance collective impact towards the 2030 goals.


The corporate social impact field is undergoing a transformation. The sector is shifting from community-based projects to strategic alignment of business assets across the economic, social, and governance dimensions of a business – spanning the entire value chain of companies. The next generation of corporate activities are moving towards a focus on how social impact can be achieved while advancing business impact.

There is an opportunity for the business community to build even more significant partnerships with governments to support access to quality education for all at country and global levels. Our aim is to leverage the private sector knowledge, resources and know-how to drive change and improve impact on the ground for all children.


Deliver Results

We channel business investments in global education through the three global education funds and mobilize in-kind and technical support to create solutions that address critical bottlenecks in education.

Ensure alignment

We harmonize the global education funds’ private sector engagement strategies and pathways. We provide customized guidance for business engagement in education to ensure alignment with the global community’s efforts and maximum impact towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4.

Strengthen ecosystems

We establish best practices through action to serve as evidence to strengthen the case for business investment in education. We build trust and establish effective ways of working across the sectors. We enlist business leaders to champion education and rally further support.

Who We Work With

GBC-Education’s Global Funds Group works closely with the three major global education funds and other leading organizations to support business engagement in shaping the future of education at country and global levels. Our key partners include:


The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) focuses on education in the poorest of countries. GBC-Education is on the board of GPE representing the private sector and serves as the official channel for business engagement in GPE’s governance structure.,

Education Cannot Wait Fund (ECW) focuses on education for youth impacted by emergencies and crises. As part of ECW’s Executive Committee and the Private Sector Committee, GBC-Education represents the business community’s voice in the high-level global policy dialogue and supports the design and implementation of tangible and strategic pathways for business engagement in education in emergencies. GBC-Education’s REACT initiative is a key mechanism through which in-kind and technical contributions from business communities are channeled to support first response and multi-year plans in ECW priority countries.

International Finance Facility for Education (IFFEd) is a new financial mechanism currently under development to leverage new investment for results in education systems throughout the world. GBC-Education partnered with several businesses and corporate foundations to support the development of IFFEd.

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GBC-Education also sits on the global board of UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited Initiative.

Pathways for Business Engagement in Education

Invest financial resources

Leverage the global funding tools and unlock domestic financing for education.

Deliver in-kind and technical support

Partner with the major global education funds to co-create solutions for the most critical challenges in education by utilizing your core business assets, including in-kind goods and services, technical expertise, and employee engagement.

Shape global strategies and domestic policies

Connect with global, national, and local decision makers to ensure that business voice is reflected in education strategies and policies.

Champion education and become thought leaders

Lend your voice to champion education and reach a wider audience to mobilize support.

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