Business Engagement in Global Funds

The Global Business Coalition for Education is at the center of representing the business community in the major global funds for education. Our efforts have resulted in the following achievements:


We work closely with Education Cannot Wait (ECW), a global fund dedicated to education in emergencies. As part of ECW’s High-Level Steering Group and the Private Sector Committee, we are well-positioned to represent the business community’s voice in the high-level global policy dialogue and to design and implement tangible and strategic pathways for business engagement in education in emergencies. GBC-Education’s REACT initiative is a key mechanism through which in-kind and technical contributions from business communities are channeled to support first-response and multi-year plans in ECW priority countries.

We have secured a seat on the board of GPE representing the private sector. GBC-Education serves as the official channel for business engagement in GPE’s governance structure, allowing us to bring the business voice to influence policy and identify pathways for business support at global and national levels.

We partnered with several businesses and corporate foundations to support the development of IFFEd. For example, we worked with the Atlassian Foundation to fund the credit rating of the facility alongside the pro-bono support from Goldman Sachs and Reed Smith. We have also put forward a proposal to establish education bonds aligned with the Facility which is a natural next step for 2030.

GBC-Education also sits on the global board of UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited Initiative.

Active engagement with major actors in global education is crucial to our ability to facilitate coordination and alignment between the business community and the education sector.

Set to launch in early 2020, GBC-Education’s Global Funds Group will work with the major funds to create effective pathways for strategic collaboration at both global and country levels and in turn bridge the systematic divide that currently exists between the business and education sectors. The team will support high-level relationships, facilitate coordination between the global funds and the business community, and manage all relevant workstreams to drive positive changes in the way the business and education communities work together to end the global education crisis.