REACT Initiative

The number of displaced persons worldwide has reached its highest count since the end of World War II, with an estimated 75 million children and adolescents having had their education disrupted or ended due to natural disasters, conflicts, and other emergencies.

For a child or young person caught up in crisis, education can be a lifesaver – providing a safe space, normalcy, and hope for the future. But education is one of the first things to stop at the onset of an emergency, as it has traditionally remained low on the priority list with many children losing out on years of schooling before its restored. These children remain vulnerable to trafficking, child labor, early forced marriage, or recruitment into armed groups. In the absence of action, they will become part of a growing “lost generation” of children and adolescents with untapped potential.

Goals of the Initiative

Provide young people with a pathway to rebuild their communities and societies, and become active participants in social and economic development by bringing the know-how and resources from the business community to support partners on the frontlines working to restore education

What is REACT?

REACT is a hub to channel corporate contributions in support of education in emergencies by building results-oriented partnerships between businesses, UN agencies, NGOs, national governments, and actors.
At its core, REACT is a digital platform developed with the generous support of LexisNexis Risk Solutions – the data and analytics business unit of UK-based RELX Group – which streamlines the partnership-building process by:


Offers of tangible support from the business community


Educational challenges in need of solutions in real time


Business resources and assets with partners on the ground to create, accelerate, and disseminate new solutions at scale

The launch of the REACT digital platform sets the foundation as a go-to source for business engagement in education in emergencies.


Priorities over the next year include:


More partnerships and scaling successes


REACT’s reach to local small and medium-sized enterprises and startups, as well as local grassroots organizations at the forefront of implementing programs in emergencies


The power of our integrated data analytics system to gather and analyze live data on public-private partnerships in education in emergencies, including identifying hotspots, urgently needed resources, and locations of current discrepancies and unmet resource needs

REACT In Action

Partnerships formed through the REACT Initiative include:

HP & Education Cannot Wait (ECW)

HP partnered with ECW to deliver innovative education technology to refugee and host communities in Uganda as part of HP’s commitment to enable better learning outcomes for 100 million people by 2025.

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Avanti Communications & SINA

Avanti Communications partnered with SINA to provide free high-speed internet connectivity to the SINA campus in Mpigi, Uganda. Avanti Communications is a UK based satellite operator, delivering broadband access to a wide-range of actors across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

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To learn more about REACT, download on the overview document below.

Education In Emergencies &
Rapid Education Action Initiative

The REACT digital platform is now live!