Early Childhood Development

GBC-Education aims to empower business leaders to become champions of the early years. Our efforts concentrate on implementing corporate policies that improve early learning, child and maternal health, child care, protection, play, and nutrition.


Today, GBC-Education’s work in ECD focuses on providing business leaders with engagement roadmaps, as well as messaging and communication tools, to promote and implement corporate policies in support of early childhood development.

Through our strategic partnerships, we focus our efforts on making the case for pre-primary education, early learning, and early childhood development at large – particularly for marginalized populations, including young children with disabilities and those affected by emergencies, crisis situations, or HIV/AIDS. We provide data and evidence to identify gaps in finance and delivery and where the business community can make an impact.

Here Are Four Ways Businesses Can Engage in Helping with ECD:


Provide financial support and in-kind resources – time, volunteers, expertise


Implement ECD-friendly policies like child care, parental leave, flexible work, healthcare benefits, and more


Promote healthy choices by education employees on the importance of ECD


Use your influence as a business leader to advocate for the significance of ECD to policymakers and community stakeholders

Business for Early Childhood Development Task Force

GBC-Education’s ECD Task Force brought together business and foundation leaders interested in developing the workforce of tomorrow by prioritizing the early years of development. This Task Force produced a report on the business case for ECD, highlighting the substantial benefits of business investments in ECD from economic, scientific, and equity standpoints.

The Task Force demonstrated the value that businesses attach to investing in young children by using its collective power to influence global discussions, policies, and practice

The Business Case for Engaging in Early Childhood Development

Our report outlining the business case for engaging in ECD highlights the substantial benefits incurred by children, business, and society by investing in ECD from economic, scientific, and equity standpoints. It also provides guidance on how business can leverage its assets to support ECD. See also an infographic to learn 4 ways that businesses can engage.

ECD Business Case Report

4 Ways That Businesses Can Engage

Tokunboh Durosaro, former Director of the Oando Foundation, moderates discussion with the Task Force.

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