Business Investment for Education Impact

The Business Investment for Education Impact (BIEI) initiative aims to build a stronger, more informed, and impactful network of businesses with the potential to transform education outcomes through strategic and coordinated investments.

Our goal is to develop a series of tools and products to drive forward progress in education, where corporate investments create business impact as well as a more sustainable, scalable, and systemic social impact.


By 2030, more than half of the 1.6 billion young people on the planet will not have the most basic skills for employment. And today, 40% of employers say they have difficulties finding candidates with the skills needed to succeed in the workforce. If we are to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) — inclusive and quality education for all — all actors have a role to play, especially the business community. However, a “business as usual” approach will not suffice: random acts of corporate kindness will never amount to the sustainable change that needs to take place if the international community is going to make progress towards the 2030 goals.

Given that this challenge is greater than any one company, this initiative will catalyze change for education equity by informing the development of corporate strategies of many diverse companies to unlock larger-scale, systemic change in the sector. By utilizing a design approach to undertake a process of listening, testing, and prototyping, we will develop a series of game-changing tools to drive forward progress in education.


Consolidating Best Practice

Consolidate and analyze existing evidence, frameworks, guiding principles, and strategic initiatives to inform potential tools and products for improving business decision-making and impact investment.

Generating evidence-based tools

Develop and deploy a suite of practical tools and products to provide customized guidance and strategic entry points for enhanced engagement between business and education sectors.

Building a global network of businesses supporting education

Increase participation of businesses in education by improving engagement between the private and education sectors to create an evidence and action-based investment ecosystem.

Guidance Group

The BIEI project team has developed a Guidance Group to help to shape the direction of the initiative and the future of private sector engagement in global education. The Group is a network of business leaders, global education experts, social impact innovators, and implementation specialists who will guide us through the challenges and opportunities within the education and business impact sectors and offer feedback as we develop resources.

Garima Batra

Garima Batra

Partner, Boston Consulting Group

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Serena Brown

KPMG, Director, Sustainable Development

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Stephen Chege

Safaricom Limited, Director of Corporate Affairs

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Matt Clancy

DFID, Governance Adviser, Children, Youth and Education

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Julius Karl D. Fieve

Global Advocacy and Development Initiative (GADI) Ghana, Co-founder and Executive Director

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Yasmin Fodil

100Kin10, Chief Program Officer

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Stephen Fraser

Education Endowment Foundation, Deputy CEO

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Bernadette Gutmann

UNICEF Regional Office of South Asia, Private Sector Engagement Specialist

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Alice Hunt

Independent Consultant

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Wendy Kopp

Teach for All, CEO and Co-Founder

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Maggie Koziol

Deloitte, Senior Manager, Corporate Citizenship

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Karthik Krishnan

Encyclopedia Britannica, Global CEO

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Olga LaBelle

MasterCard, Vice President, Humanitarian and Development, Strategic Growth (STG)

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Michele Malejki

HP, Global Head, Social Impact

Meet Me On:

Tendai Mashingaidze

Director, Ubuntu Equity

Meet Me On:

Annina Mattsson

Dubai Cares, Director of Programs

Meet Me On:

Sofia Fernández de Mesa

ProFuturo Foundation, Director of International Affairs

Meet Me On:

Geetha Murali

Room to Read, CEO

Meet Me On:

Nish Pangali

SAP, Global Corporate Social Responsibility Program Director

Meet Me On:

Devyani Pershad

Pratham, Head of International Collaborations

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Anita Rajan


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Heather Simpson

Room to Read, Chief Program Officer

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Grace Suh

IBM, Vice President, Education; Corporate Citizenship

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Nazila Vali

UNICEF, Partnership Specialist, Advocacy and Innovative Partnerships

Meet Me On:

Brodie Vansleve

BHP Foundation, Program Director – Global Education & North America

Meet Me On:

Euan Wilmshurst

LEGO Foundation, Head of Advocacy and Communication

Meet Me On:

Rebecca Winthrop

Brookings Institution, Co-Director, Center for Universal Education

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This project is in partnership with BHP Foundation

The BHP Foundation works to address some of the world’s most critical sustainable development challenges. The Foundation is committed to enabling equitable access to quality education and learning to harness the potential of young people most at risk of being left behind. In partnership with GBC-Education, the BHP Foundation believes this project will enable business leaders to make smarter investments with the potential to drive better results in education.

Business Investment for Education Impact (BIEI)

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