Pearson assessing learning outcomes of its products

As the global education discourse shifts from issues of “access” to “access and quality,” GBC-Education company Pearson is leading the way by assessing the efficacy – or learning outcomes – of their products.
The company has developed a method called the Efficacy Framework to ensure that learning outcomes are considered in the design and deployment of their products and services.
Pearson will deploy the method internally, assessing the impact of their own learning products over the next five years and sharing the results in 2015 alongside their financial reporting. Other organizations can also use the same tool to ensure they are considering learning outcomes as well.


What is efficacy?

Efficacy is about making sure that products and services have a measurable impact on improving someone’s life through learning.  The Efficacy Framework will help Pearson design products and services with the end – improved learning – in mind.

The idea to apply efficacy to education products and services is derived from the Pharmaceutical industry, which examines the efficacy of its products through systematic trials.


Preparing to deliver learning outcomes

Incorporating learning outcomes into product design and management is a shift in thinking for Pearson. By adjusting their operational structure and promoting efficacy champions, the company hopes to integrate efficacy into its daily operations.
For example, each corporate function will have a senior leader responsible for efficacy, with product management roles focused on learner outcomes. HR policies will shift and the delivery of learning outcomes will be essential to recruitment, training, performance management, and employee rewards processes. Additional incentives for senior leadership to focus on learner outcomes are built in as well.
The company will launch a new global research network that connects internal research with outside experts to address challenges in learning and unmet needs in education. Findings will be available publicly and also inform the company’s strategy and product development.
With this new structure and its efficacy strategy, Pearson is demonstrating its responsibility to measure, share, and maximize the social impact of its products and services.