Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Why this matters

Every child deserves a quality education, and the importance of diversity in schools and workplaces is evident. Yet, inclusive education and employment pathways are frequently misunderstood and undervalued. Investing in inclusive education enables all students to contribute their unique and valuable skill sets to improve their societies and grow their economies.

Through partnership with the business sector, the challenges that marginalized youth face in both education and employment can be overcome, to the benefit of all.

What we are doing

By partnering with leading businesses and educators, GBC-Education is delivering educational and economic opportunities for diverse students while at the same time developing new pathways that connect emerging talent with employment opportunities. Our work informs the business community about the state of inclusion and provides actionable steps to take to improve it. 

GBC-Education takes an intersectional approach to all our programming to ensure that communities that have for far too long been left behind or faced systemic racism or discrimination are empowered through education. We work with diverse communities to ensure that every child, no matter their race or ethnicity, gender identity, ability, and background has the opportunity to build the future of their dreams.

For instance, GBC-Education established the Disability and Inclusion Task Force to develop recommendations for businesses for improving inclusion education and employment pathways. The Disability Task Force report, Investing in Inclusion, provides guidance and highlights specific practices to help businesses effectively include and engage persons with disabilities as students, employees, consumers, and partners.

Disability and inclusion task force

Our Disability and Inclusion Task Force includes leaders from business, education, and philanthropy committed to ensuring that every child has access to education and opportunities.

David Boutcher

Partner, Reed Smith

Joyce Cook

General Secretary, FIFA Foundation

Sara Basson

Chief Accessibility Evangelist, Google

Nasser Siabi

CEO, Microlink

Joyce Malombe

Senior Program Officer, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund

Nafisa Baboo

Senior Director, Light for the World

Danielle Brown

Paralympian, United Kingdom

Vibhu Sharma

Disability and Inclusion Researcher, Theirworld

The power of girls

Our commitment to girls’ education is longstanding. Within two years of our founding, GBC-Education launched a Task Force aimed at improving education for the 31 million out-of-school girls across the globe.

The Task Force helped to ensure girls completed school, developed skills and found jobs to reach their full potential, especially the most marginalized girls.

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