Multi-million dollar Dutch Postcode Lottery Award to Theirworld opens opportunity to leverage business sector support for emergencies

About the event

5 Mar 2019

Last evening, the global charity Theirworld received two awards from the Dutch Postcode Lottery totaling €4.5 million, including a special award of €3.15 million ($3.57 million) which will launch a unique public-private partnership between Theirworld and Education Cannot Wait (ECW), the global education fund for children caught up in emergencies.

These awards will allow Theirworld to redouble its effort to unleash the potential of the next generation of children caught up in wars and conflict through increased campaigning and innovation projects focused on breaking down barriers that stand in the way of learning opportunity.

“We are more impactful by working together, and the award by the Dutch Postcode Lottery will allow us to not only deliver education to the most marginalized children, but leverage-up the funding through campaigning to have a multiplier effect for children,” said Sarah Brown, Chair of Theirworld and Executive Chair of GBC-Education.

GBC-Education – an initiative of Theirworld – has been a long-term supporter of ECW, starting in 2016, when it pledged to mobilize millions of dollars in business contributions toward education in emergencies. Through its Rapid Education Action (REACT) initiative, GBC-Education will continue to strengthen ECW’s mission by matching corporate donors with on-the-ground implementation partners to ensure that children and youth in crisis receive a quality education.

“The funding will be used to provide rapid education assistance in places where it is needed most,” said Justin van Fleet, President of Theirworld and Executive Director of GBC-Education. “This new partnership will allow us to support thousands of children living in refugee camps who are not in school while we also find the longer-term solutions so all children can reach their full potential”.

Investing in education in emergencies is essential for the business community, as it stabilizes communities, protects children and youth, and prepares a generation of young people for a complex and collaborative workforce. With today’s contributions, the Dutch Postcode Lottery, Theirworld, and GBC-Education renew and strengthen their commitment to the most marginalized.