Gucci's Chime for Change Rocks London

About the event

5 Jun 2013

On June 1, GBC-Education founding member Gucci sent more than a billion people a powerful message about the need to get girls into school, courtesy of its all-star Sound of Change concert in London.
Beyonce, Jay-Z, Madonna, Mary J Blige, Jennifer Lopez and British royal Prince Harry were among those adding their voices to Chime for Change, the luxury brand’s female empowerment initiative, which launched earlier this year.
The event’s mixture of rumbustious live performance and poignant short films about the struggles of young women around the world was seen in 145 countries.
In an interview in the London Daily Telegraph ahead of the show, GBC-Education chair, Sarah Brown – who is also on the Chime for Change advisory board – saluted Gucci’s astute combining of high-profile figureheads and “experienced and knowledgeable individuals to make a difference on the ground”.