GBC-Education Announced as a Finalist for SDG Action Award

About the event

22 Feb 2018

Today, the Global Business Coalition for Education (GBC-Education) was announced as a finalist for the UN SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) Action Awards.

The UN SDG Action Awards recognize outstanding achievements to promote action on the Sustainable Development Goals. GBC-Education was nominated for the award for harnessing the power of its 140+ corporate membership base to deliver innovative partnerships addressing education in emergencies and the youth skills gap.

Through the REACT (Rapid Education Action) initiative, GBC-Education is identifying, matching, and deploying corporate resources to emergency situations in countries across the globe. By utilizing the REACT platform, businesses have the opportunity to streamline their contributions to implementation partners on the ground in real time.

One example of GBC-Education’s members in action is the HP Livelihoods Center in Istanbul to support refugee education. In the video below, Marisa – a Syrian refugee who left everything behind and had her university education stopped because of conflict – talks about how the project has given her the opportunity to continue her studies, have a routine, and gain skills for a job.

The Youth Skills and Innovative Initiative is an example of how GBC-Education works with business to bring together industry leaders to take action and address the youth skills gap. Through this work, diverse stakeholders are working together to deliver new models of change and engaging young people directly in the process.

Just recently, GBC-Education brokered a $15 million pledge for the Global Partnership for Education replenishment event in Dakar harnessing its membership to negotiate reduced-cost technology solutions for school systems in the poorest countries.

GBC-Education remains committed to leveraging its know-how and connections to achieve free, quality, and equitable education for every child and young person by 2030.

The winners of the UN SDG Action Awards will be announced at the Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development taking place in Bonn, Germany from March 21-23.