Building a Voice for Education

About the event

7 May 2013

GBC-Education Chair, Sarah Brown, launched our Washington, DC meetings by providing an overview of some of the work GBC-Education has done in 2013 and introducing member companies to the new digital platform, A World at School. Through initiatives like A World at School, our aim is to work together to bring to the front education as a global issue worth paying attention and contributing resources to. One of the outcomes will be a communications package, developed with our members, to use across corporate, employee, and consumer networks that incorporates online engagement tools.
The session’s speakers provided a variety of perspectives on education and corporate strategy. Alice Albright, the recently named CEO of The Global Partnership for Education, spoke on the importance of partnerships and working with the private sector to fund and move forward education, especially in the developing world. Michael Slaby, Chief Integration & Innovation Officer, Obama for America 2012 shared his perspective on how to create a successful campaign through a grassroots effort, asserting that “one voice, one message” strategies are over and that using technology in campaigning creates “many voices one song.” Mark Wnek, Creative Director for A World at School, remarked that creating unity across platforms is difficult, but vital in today’s fragmented media landscape.
GBC-Education Advisory Board Member, Lisa Belzberg, moderated a discussion between attendees and members, asking, “What do we do to move and activate people?” There was clear agreement that business needs to lead and drive the push for education. Advisory Board member, Bill Green, of Accenture, proposed a “good house keeping seal of approval” be created. This would be a brand that countries, companies, and the public can recognize as a gold standard for education. He also spoke on the urgency of funding and providing education for future generations as a key factor to ensuring a qualified talent pool for companies to recruit from.