2014: Year in Review

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23 Dec 2014

GBC-Education’s Top 10 of 2014

Looking back at moments, achievements and other highlights of the year.

 1.  Advocating for safe schools

In response to the captured school girls in Chibok, Nigeria, business leaders collaborated with donors, NGOs and government to launch the Safe Schools Initiative. The fund has raised nearly $30 million for safe schools, including $10 million from the government. Just last month, 2,400 students from the three northern states in Nigeria hit hardest by Boko Haram’s terrorist activities have been enrolled thanks to the Initiative. The movement has now continued as leaders are currently a call to responsibly open schools in Ebola affected countries. Most recently, GBC-Education continued its support for safe schools following the horrific attack on innocent schoolchildren in Peshawar.

2.  Launching initiatives for education

As part of the A World at School September Forum, Econet Wireless CEO and advisory board member Strive Masiyiwa helped to launch the $15 million XPRIZE for Global Learning, a five-year competition celebrating innovation that challenges teams to develop open source and scalable software that will enable children in developing countries to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic. Following this announcement, XPRIZE launched its crowdfunding campaign to raise money for global team recruitment and field testing, ultimately raising over $900K.

 3. Sharing knowledge with business

In collaboration with GBC-Education member PwC and partner A World at School, GBC-Education released a report to help businesses better measure the impact of their investments in education. GBC-Education’s improved “Resources” page on gbc-education.org contains original research, multimedia and a publication library relevant to the sector and will continue to expand in 2015.

4.  Showcasing online that education is a #smartinvestment

This year’s #smartinvestment webinar series reached business, academics, multilateral donors and NGOs spanning the globe from North America to Europe and across Asia. Together in collaboration with organizations like the UN Global Compact and the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution, this interactive forum presented a diverse set of speakers and content about business investment in education. One webinar also helped to launch the Business for Early Childhood Development Task Force.

5.  Using core assets to mobilize for education


This year’s #Tech4Ed event in London was part of the growing movement for change that is energizing consumers, employees, investors, and the public for global education. This momentum continued with the activities of the Global Education Platform initiative. The paper produced through this initiative was utilized for critical discussion by business leaders in technology and international development in September of five potential models to use technology to deliver education to these groups.

6.  Taking the global stage

In 2014, GBC-Education members took the global stage to advance educational opportunity. GBC-Education members discussed the role of the private sector and the importance of partnerships in transforming global education during a panel convened at the 2nd Global Partnership for Education Replenishment. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, GBC-Education also put education on the global agenda by sharing the importance of quality healthcare in delivering universal education and learning. The interconnected relationship between health and education was also highlighted on a panel during the A World at School September Forum focusing on the need for sustainable private sector investments in health and education.

7.  Working with partners at the country level

GBC-Education is convening business ranging from multinationals to SMEs through dedicated work in specific countries and affecting change to ensure the right to quality education. The Pakistan Working Group and India Working Group did just that in 2014 and will continue to grow its activities in 2015.

8.  Addressing barriers that keep children out of school

In support of A World at School’s #EducationCountdown Campaign, GBC-Education is committed to tackling the barriers that keep children from school. This includes protecting girls from child marriage through education interventions such as in Nigeria. The 2015 #EducationCountdown Summit announced the creation of the Emergency Coalition for Global Education Action – which includes members of GBC-Education such as Dangote Group President Aliko Dangote and Econet Wireless Founder and Chairman Strive Masiyiwa.

9.  Standing #UpForSchool

GBC-Education supports the #UpForSchool petition, demanding education for all children. Businesses will continue to support the petition through employee engagement drives and by leveraging core assets, helping to make this the world’s largest petition. Over 1 million people have signed the petition to date. Stand #UpForSchool!

10.  Growing the GBC-Education to over 100 companies


Since GBC-Education launched the #smartinvestment Network in early 2014, the Coalition has grown to more than 100 companies strong from a diverse set of industries including extractives, media, finance, technology, equipment, telecommunications and education. We look forward to the continuing Coalition growth in 2015!

Bonus Moment:

Discovery Communications and Discovery Learning Alliance supports the #EducationCountdown campaign. They produced and aired a series of public service announcements across channels in the U.S. and internationally. Take a look at aworldatschool.org/Discovery.