Child Labor and Anti-Slavery Policy


GBC-Education does not employ any person below the age of eighteen years at the workplace. GBC-Education prohibits the use of child labor and forced or compulsory labor in any instance. GBC-Education seeks to ensure that no employee is made to work against his/her will or work as bonded/forced labor, or is subject to corporal punishment or coercion of any type while working for GBC-Education. This policy is publicly available on the GBC-Education website and clearly communicated to all staff. GBC-Education requires all suppliers of goods supplied to GBC-Education or its projects to confirm their adherence to this policy.


GBC-Education is committed to ensuring that we do not allow any form of slavery to take place in our organization and we take steps to ensure that they do not take place in our supply chains. These steps taken are monitored on a regular basis.

Our systems require clear arrangements to be put in place with all new suppliers, and our zero tolerance approach is reflected within our due diligence processes and the standard terms that our suppliers must agree to. Where suppliers operate within industries and/or countries with a higher risk of slavery and human trafficking they are subject to further due diligence and monitoring procedures. We have communicated our zero-tolerance approach to all our colleagues and will continue to do so.