#UnlockBigChange is the global campaign to mobilize business leaders as advocates for public education and leverage corporate networks – including employees and consumers – to end the global education crisis. Our aim is to make education a top political priority globally and at a national level so that countries invest more money into their education systems while international donors also increase their investments.

The campaign platform includes the following targets:


A Theirworld report demonstrates where and how every donor country is falling short on early childhood education. We want donors to increase their funding for the youngest students by committing 10% of their education budgets. We also call on developing countries to do the same.


We are campaigning to launch a $10 billion International Finance Facility for Education with significant funding by the end of this year – tackling some of the biggest barriers in lower-middle-income countries.


We are replenishing the Education Cannot Wait fund so it has the $1.8 billion needed to deliver on its 2021 strategic plan to support nine million young people.